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Over 200 prizes to be won​ 

HUNDREDS OF PRIZES UP FOR GRABS: 25 x Titon battery, hoodie and cap prize bundles. 200 x Titon hoodie and cap prize bundles. 
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Power your story.

Prizes up for grabs

25 x Gold winners 
Prize includes: 1 x Titon 90 battery, hoodie and cap bundle.
200 x Silver winners
Prize includes: 1 x Titon hoodie and cap bundle.

The New Anton/Bauer Titon batteries unleash Retro 8 Films’ creativity. 


"When you’re in the middle of the woods on the shoot, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your equipment will stay charged. Wherever we are Titon delivers strong battery power with the versatility to power just about everything we need – cameras, monitors, lights, and even our smartphones. And best of all, the onboard LCD screen gives us an exact, minute-by-minute countdown of runtime and the remaining available power.” 

Keep on running.


In Parkour the objective is to keep running - you don’t stop for anything – it’s a quest to get from one point to the next in the fastest and most efficient way possible. Spare a thought then for the film makers who have the unenviable task of capturing the nimble moves of the traceurs as they practice their art. Any equipment failure means the fleeting chance to capture their subject is lost.

“Even with my extended rig the Titon battery had enough power to run the camera, monitor and transmitter, I had confidence that the Titon could run all day so I could focus on getting the shots I needed on the first take”